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With the exoticness and passion of the Middle East, Haggle is a true meeting of East to West, offering a unique combination of aromatic and vast flavouring to our bespoke menu that caters for every palate. Not just a tasting of majestic foods, but an unrivalled experience.

Beginning in our open kitchen which harbours a traditional stone oven, offering daily baked breads, and a selection of oven cooked dishes all unblemished and scorching. A dining experience, that showcases our illustrious chefs as they prepare succulent, mangal grilled meats and mouth -watering mezze selections.

Whether it be a digestive drink, or an evening of cocktails head down to the comfort of our speakeasy style cocktail bar inspired by age old traditions of the Ottoman empire, dating back to 15th century. Not only do we offer classic tipples-but Eastern infused taste sensations.

Climb the stairs to our garden room, reminiscent of ‘The Hanging Gardens of Babylon’, where our bespoke furniture and innovative design creates an authentic, beautiful and surprising escape for our customers to enjoy every aspect of what we do.

Our philosophy has always been that eating food should not just be a simple meal but rather a sensory, visual and spiritual experience. A journey, that provides an escape from the beautiful chaos of our lives, leaving us feeling mesmerised, indulged and inspired.” – Owner and Founder

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